Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pharmacy Etiquette

Dear Walmart,

I'm sorry for my lack of etiquette at your pharmacy. You see, I'm thrifty. And...well...RiteAid gives me $25 gift cards for transferred prescriptions, and as luck would (not) have it, I was in need of two prescriptions today. So instead of just paying $4 for each of them when I dropped off my prescription at your pharmacy, I left your store, called RiteAid, and had them transfer them to their pharmacy. Not only did I have 2 coupons for $25 gift cards, the pharmacy tech also gave me two $5 off coupons. I came away with both prescriptions, $50 in RiteAid gift cards, and paid only $10.

I know that you probably cringe every time I bring in a prescription because you know that inevitably I will have RiteAid call you to transfer it. I just can't resist free money. I'm sure it's a huge pharmacy faux-pas to pretend like I'm going to pay you for your work and for your drugs but again, the gift cards...they're just too much to pass up.

I apologize again for teasing you. Thank you for all your other cheap items that I buy on a regular basis.



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